Nadine Keosavang Alexander!

Early pictures of Nadine (August through October, 2007)

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Nadine, visitors
from Germany!
(8.5 months)

Nadine, excited at
Hershey Park!
(9 months)

Nadine, waving at
Gettysburg, PA!
(9 months)

Nadine, enjoying
(9 months)

Nadine playing
with Sophie!
(9 months)

Nadine, at Nolan's
soccer practice!
(9 months)

At Nolan's soccer!
(9.5 months)

Nadine, we like your
cool sunglasses!
(10.5 months)

Nadine, what a
pretty hat!
(10.5 months)

Nadine at the
JMU Crab Fest!
(11 months)